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Imraan Christian and Sneaker Lab presents visual series, Ma se Kinders

Renowned Cape Town artist – Imraan Christian has paid tribute to the community of Hangberg in Hout Bay with his latest visual art exhibition, curated especially to honour the matriarchs of the fishing community.

Imraan Christian Sneaker Lab Ma se Kinders
Image Credit- Haneem Christian

Unveiled in Johannesburg on Friday, the exhibition, titled: Ma se Kinders is a visual art homage dedicated to the mothers and grandmothers of Hangberg, and seeks to thank them for their impactful and fundamental contribution to the community. Produced in partnership with Sneaker LAB – the world’s first environmentally friendly sneaker care product, developed and manufactured in Cape Town; the exhibition includes a series of portraits shot by Christian, as well as a short film that unpacks the true story of Hangberg, and illustrates some of the community’s most pressing challenges, like gangsterism and drugs. As part of the collaboration, Christian will also design a special sleeve in which to fit Sneaker LAB’s Custom Deluxe Kit.
     “I am beyond excited about this collaboration and what it will mean for the community of Hangberg. I am a visual and passionate storyteller, and especially enjoy retelling stories that influence and affect our communities. A picture really does paint a thousand words – the method is impactful, piques interest, shapes an opinion and has the ability to resonate with a much bigger audience, which is exactly what we need to do,” Christian says.
     And choosing to feature this community in his exhibition was a natural choice. Christian already works closely with the youth in Hangberg on various creative projects to help keep them off the streets and away from drugs and gangs. He has also included some residents in the short-film, as well as in the portraits.

Imraan Christian Sneaker Lab Ma se Kinders
Image Credit- Imraan Christian

     The Ma se Kinders exhibition was unveiled at Sneaker LAB’s Braamfontein store, and aims to tell a Johannesburg audience an authentic Cape Town story. According to Sneaker LAB founder, Jo Farah, this collaboration forms part of the business’s latest Artist Series, which involves collaborating with various artists using different creative mediums.
     “Film and photography is a completely new medium for us, and we are thrilled with the outstanding work Imraan has produced. He is an incredible storyteller with an innate talent and this relationship is the start great things to come,” Farah says.
     Farah says the collaboration also provides a platform for artists to connect and share their work, and enables Sneaker LAB to build a community of brand advocates and demonstrates just how creatives view their products.
     A screening of the short-film is expected to take place in Hangberg in the coming weeks. Christian’s portraits will be sold from Sneaker LAB’s Braamfontein store, and all proceeds will be pumped back into uplifting the Hangberg community through various initiatives.

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