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ZAPIRO giveaway winner prize competitionIt’s been one helluva year – again. We’ve seen Zuma resign as president, the DA go after its own people, Trump exercise his megalomania, the rise of racial tensions (as well as the petrol price) and the flaring of tempers. All while the Guptas fled the Saxonwold Shebeen.
     Who better to make sense of this than Zapiro, political analyst, cartoonist and agent provocateur. He has the ability to knock the air out of us, to rock us back in our seats, and to force us bolt upright with a 1000-watt jolt of electrifying shock. He makes us angry, he makes us laugh and he makes us think. He shines a light on the elephant in the room, presents the emperor in all his naked glory. Impossible to brush off, he is determined to provoke a response.
     To stand a chance to win a copy of Zapiro’s Let the Sunshine In, email us at and let us know which of Zapiro’s 22 annuals has been your favourite.

And… to win a copy of one of the ‘Illustrated books for young imaginations’, email and let us know which book appeals to you and who you will be giving it to if you win.

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