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Brett Murray’s gorilla

Brett Murray #weloveBrett Murray, The Visionary: Portrait/Self-Portrait, 2015. Bronze, 60 x 63 x 45 cm. Courtesy of Everard Read and Circa Galleries.

Exhibited as part of his 2017 show Again Again, The Visionary: Portrait/Self-Portrait, the black bronze depicts a figure mimicking Murray’s own short, round form resting his head against the wall – ‘banging his head in eternal, immovable “what-the-fuckedness”,’ according to Tymon Smith.

According to Mark Read, ‘He went from being, essentially, a commentator on the political landscape in two-dimensional works into, primarily, a sculptor at the moment.’ Murray’s bull bronze, entitled Again Again, which is now at Norval Foundation, cost just over R2 million just to cast it.