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Andrzej Urbanski’s debut solo exhibition opens at Circa in Joburg

Everard Read/Circa is pleased to present A03 2034/538/18, Andrzej Urbanski’s debut solo exhibition at Circa JHB, which opened on 15 November 2018.

Andrzej Urbanski Everard Read Circa
Andrzej Urbanski in his studio, image courtesy of the artist and Everard Read Gallery

Andrzej Urbanski is a contemporary painter who functions within his own harmony of rules and marked parameters. His distilled geometric language is a working practice that is clearly attuned to both fluid movement and stable formal resolution. It takes great effort for a painted surface to ebb and flow effortlessly, and undulate with this ease. A03 2034/538/18 is a complex saturation of ‘frequencies’ that denotes painstaking awareness of colour and forms, balanced with a calm resolve.
     The numerical titling of each artwork (and the exhibition) emphasises the beating heart of the artist’s working methodology – the production processes and the information conceptualisation. But this too serves to acknowledge the formal abstract nature of his working process: where bright colour and flat surfaces collide within experimental order and design. Urbanski is a rare breed of artist – one who manages to playfully negotiate perfect applications and concrete designs with a focused ability that manifests fresh and pertinent abstract experimentation.
     Urbanski’s authenticity lies in his desire and ambition to secure the perfect surface – one which balances richness of colour and movement of ‘frequency’ across a 2-dimensional language. Directly influenced by urban space and with his unique predetermined compositions, there is a refined distillation of what is observed and understood around him. A canvas could at first appear random, but it never is. This fluidity and visual ease with which the surfaces narrative unfolds is wholeheartedly because of Urbanski’s astute understanding of how each form, colour and shape engages with the other.

Andrzej Urbanski Everard Read Circa
Andrzej Urbanski in his studio, image courtesy of the artist and Everard Read Gallery

     Polish-born but German-homed artist. Andrzej Urbanski was born in 1983 in Poznan. He received his BA in Communication and Graphic Design at BTK-FH University of Art and Design in Berlin in 2010. He then completed a MFA at the esteemed University of Art and Design in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2012. Urbanski is in numerous public and private collections around the world. He will be presenting his much anticipated follow-on Solo Exhibition at CIRCA JHB in November 2018, after two sold out exhibitions in Cape Town 2017 and London 2018.
     For more information and please contact or 011 788 4805

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