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Peaceful Music: A new playlist for the mindful listener

Universal Music Group recently launched the new, ever-evolving Peaceful Music playlist on Apple Music. This is the first playlist brand to be co-created by Universal Music Group in conjunction with Apple Music and a host of leading artist ambassadors.
     Peaceful Music is a living, breathing collection of contemporary and calming music, specially curated by today’s leading composers and superstar artists of the genre. Pioneering composer Max Richter (a Deutsche Grammophon artist)is the first artist ambassador to preside over Peaceful Music, making expert selections to provide listeners moments of calm and inner focus. With more legendary and exciting names due to join the movement, Peaceful Music is for everyone and available now exclusively via Apple Music.

Universal Music
Joep Beving © Rahi Rezvani 2016

     Peaceful Music is a one-stop playlist for those looking to relax and reclaim some tranquillity. Whether on the commute to work, studying for an exam, or even for a yoga class, listeners will be safe in the knowledge that they have found the home of the highest quality soundtrack from an innovative new genre of artists. The mix of contemporary, ambient, chill out, and electronic music is perfect for the mindful listener and lets Peaceful Music do the work for them.
     Launching the playlist as the first artist ambassador is the world’s leading classical composer, the most in-demand writer of his generation, Max Richter. As one of the most respected names in the field, Richter is the influential voice in post-minimalist composition, melding contemporary classical and alternative popular musical styles. Following his groundbreaking Sleep project – an eight-hour journey through a full night’s rest, he is one of the most prolific musical artists, an iconic curator for the first iteration of Peaceful Music.
   ‘The Peaceful Music playlist ranges widely but all the track selections share a common fingerprint – they don’t flood your consciousness and leave enough space for you to think,’ says Richter. ‘It’s like a landscape that enables the listener to find a place to rest and reflect.’

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