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Multifaceted celebration of art returns to First Thursdays this October

A multifaceted and more focused celebration of visual art returns to Keyes Art Mile for October’s newly invigorated First Thursdays.

As part of their ongoing commitment to creating a precinct that places the showcasing and support of art at its heart, 4 October will see the implementation of a ticketed system for First Thursdays at Keyes Art Mile.
     The decision to begin a ticketed system for First Thursdays at Keyes Art Mile has arisen out of the enormous – and growing – popularity of the monthly event. In order to ensure a safe and secure environment, as well as a place for like-minded people to meet, eat, drink and share their passion for art in comfort, there is a need to limit the numbers entering the precinct.
     “It has been amazing to see how Joburgers and visitors to the city have embraced First Thursdays at Keyes Art Mile,” says Anton Taljaard of Tomorrow Co, the development company behind Keyes Art Mile, “and we are mindful of what can happen if there are just too many people in one space. We are very aware of the impact of overcrowding your experience – on the time it takes to get food and drink, to see the art and to enjoy the street-style evening in comfort.”
     According to Taljaard, the decision to move to a ticketed system has emerged out of a strong commitment to have First Thursdays at Keyes Art Mile focused on art and design, and the experiences that come with that. “We are confident that the galleries in the precinct that closed when the numbers became unmanageable will open their doors again, enabling art lovers to go back to seeing new exhibitions during their First Thursdays night out.”
     Unlike its counterparts in other cities, First Thursdays at Keyes Art Mile have always been based around a curated experience that includes live music and an array of food and drink trucks. With a nominal charge now in place, the ongoing inclusion – and, indeed, expansion – of these elements will ensure a fantastic evening of art and entertainment each month.
     First Thursday 4 October | Opens at 18:00 and closes at 22:00
     Tickets are available on

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