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#ArtMyJozi: The JDA and Trinity Session continue to bring art to Johannesburg

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), lead implementing agent of the City of Johannesburg, has appointed the Trinity Session as curator/coordinator for all placemaking processes: emphasising collective community oriented artistic projects for the next three years. With an emphasis on community-level co-production and collective participatory design processes, the artworks programme seeks to breathe life into the streets of Johannesburg through a refreshed approach to place.


Art My Jozi is a JDA creative programme that highlights the importance of placemaking through art along the Transit-Oriented Corridors and their surrounding neighbourhoods. The Trinity Session is mandated to coordinate and curate all related design processes.
     Designing artwork for the Art My Jozi project provides an opportunity for all creatives and storytellers to work within a collaborative and skills transference environment. As commuters, future commuters and cultural producers within their communities, participants have the opportunity to capture the environment, translate experiences and stories and make creative statements. Collective creative experiences and stories will be used to inspire the development of the design process and eventually inform many outcomes-based projects in and around the Transit-Oriented Corridors.
     Art My Jozi was launched in October 2017 and the design and rollout of artworks has started in both the Louis Botha Avenue and Empire-Perth Development Corridors. Calls for submission of proposed artworks closed in June 2018 and have been assessed. Selected artworks were chosen based on how best their outcomes can meet both the artistic and technical requirements of final translation and fabrication of the artworks.
     Communities have collaborated on special performances, events and installations designed to unearth and express new ideas about local placemaking through community participation. As the JDA, we give much emphasis to working with stakeholders to enhance areas and we believe the co-production of solutions in partnership with local communities and stakeholders allows for our programmes to meet local needs. And this is a key component when creating great places.

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