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Orchestrating Legacies

Throughout history, those families with considerable wealth have channelled resources into funding artistic endeavours. The likes of the de’Medici banking family in Italy, American heiress Peggy Guggenheim, British contemporary art collector Charles Saatchi or, in South Africa, the many banks, corporate entities and individual collectors that continue to invest in the arts. Be this through building up private collections or investing in young talent, this level of patronage is vital to the health and vibrancy of art in all its forms.

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The stories of these benefactors are intertwined with the challenges and successes of creative geniuses like Michelangelo, modernist John Tunnard and Ndebele artist Esther Mahlangu. History has shown us that financial security and talent don’t always go hand in hand. Therefore, proper wealth management and sound day-to-day financial planning is as crucial for the creative community as it is for traders, bankers and builders.
     ‘The cast of Starlight Classics are leaders in their industry, just as we are leaders in ours,’ says Eric Enslin, CEO of RMB Private Bank. Over the 20 years of its existence, RMB Starlight Classics has created a platform that nurtures and exposes local talent, many of whom go on to perform on global stages, such as Pretty Yende, Loyiso Bala, the Mzansi Youth Choir and, in 2018, conductor Unathi Malunga. While she was still studying orchestral conducting, Malunga had already set herself the goal of being the first black African woman to conduct a professional orchestra. She will achieve this ambition during the 2018 RMB Starlight Classics when she appears as the guest conductor alongside Maestro Richard Cock.
     ‘Investing in the arts starts with an investment in the youthful talent who create music, lyrics and choreography, some are our greatest assets in building our future design thinkers,’ stresses Enslin. ‘Similarly, our support for RMB Starlight Classics helps to bring music, dance and production design to life and offers both our clients and show attendees the chance to mindfully explore the way in which the arts mould, build and contribute towards our creative economy.’
     The Starlight Classics showcase exposes RMB Private Bank’s clients to some of South Africa’s best and brightest talent. Music is a global language that resonates across borders and boundaries. Once a star has taken to the Starlight stage, rest assured that the glow never fades, it only grows stronger and more vibrant. 

To read more about how RMB Private Bank’s advice extends to how you and your family choose to give back to society in terms of supporting philanthropic endeavours or creating non-profit organisations that address pressing needs in society, purchase our August 2018 issue, or continue supporting Creative Feels role in the South African arts and culture sector by subscribing to our monthly digital or print magazine.

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