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Funding initiative to aid the production of unique documentary

The Harvest Project is divided into two sectors, the experimental eco social documentary titled “The Harvest” and a funding initiative to aid the documentary production and gain support for the Telitubbies Day Care situated in plastic city.

The Harvest is a unique blend of experimental filming, human story telling and empowering documentary. The film is based on the lives of women pickers who harvest through trash in landfills for survival and reside in a plastic city in Ekurhuleni South Africa.
     The main narrative is driven by the unimaginable muscle of heart and survival that these women possess and use to protect and provide for their children in this unpredictable environment especially through the owner and teacher of the Teletubbies day care.
     The day care was opened after a little girl was poisoned while her mother was busy picking, Jessie the owner decided she needed to create a safe haven for the children of plastic city.

     The stories and bonds explored within the film highlight the magic work that this community does for the planet and all its inhabitants through recycling. The documentary’s main goal is to visually empower these women and educate their children of their importance. So in the future they will know how vital they truly are in society, and this in return will provide them with agency and self respect, two of the most powerful gifts to any living being. The film also owns a strong subtext of mass consumerism and wastage, a massive issue of mankind in todays world.
     ‘Our vision and hopes for the documentary is to enlighten our audience of the lives of this type of community and highlight how vital they are in society. The documentary shows that it is evident that this community deserves better human rights and recognition. My greatest wish for this film and project is to assist the actual children of this world, and in doing the film about them we can establish self worth. Recognition can change their lives in the future as well as create pride in what their parents do, and one day what they might continue doing in aid of the planet.’
For more information about the Harvest Project, read more in their PDF.

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