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Dreams and Muti Magic

Following on from the 2017 exhibition, Dreams, Wishes and Expectations, the Voices of Women Museum, supported by the MTN Foundation, will host a new exhibition entitled Dreams and Muti Magic this August. Curator Coral Bijoux explores the value of dreams in relation to the works on show.

Dreams are an essential element of a healthy mind and body. In many cultural and spiritual beliefs, dreams are a way of connecting the physical world with the spirit world. In some cultural practices, dreams form a bridge to the ancestral spirits. We all associate some form of practice with dreams. The Aborigines dreamt the land. The Khoisan dreamt and ’read’ the land and converted these into shaman inspired totemic imagery in caves leaving us our earliest Southern African archives.
     We also associate dreams with vision and innovation. We emphasise the need for creative and innovative solutions but believe that this can only be achieved through logical thinking. However,  one who dreams has a vision for themselves outside of their circumstances. With dreams, you can step beyond your constraints. It takes courage to dream. The Dreams, Wishes and Expectations exhibition of 2017 at the Voices of Women Museum, emphasised that dreaming will enable the ‘possibility’ of ideas through all the difficulties. It reflected on our wishes and expectations for ourselves and each other, it reflected on our inner world and the world around us.

Dreams and Muti Magic
Nqakamatshe and his muti magics, Allina Ndebele, 1998. Tapestry, 221cm x 448cm, MTN Art Collection

     The upcoming exhibition, Dreams and Muti Magic, will take a closer look at a select group of women who have, in diverse ways, shared what was foremost in their minds: their own dreams, their desires for something other than a difficult life; the dreams they experience and the meanings of these dreams perhaps inspired by our ancestors, direct or lived experience and commentary on practices associated with dreams and traditional or contemporary practice.
     Dreams and Muti Magic will traverse the world of our realities and our dreams, our beliefs and our magic. We explore these while remembering ukudladla.
     Exhibition opens in August 2018
     Voices of Women Museum, 168 Palmer Street, Durban

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