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#DISTRICT Global Street Festival

Welcome to #DISTRICT, a Global Street Festival taking place in Newtown from 13 & 14 October 2018 hosting two Stages, three Festival Clubs, a Food and Wine Theatre, The Global Cinema, one theatre production and Arts Exhibitions.

     A unique and eclectic musical programme that fuses world beats, pop, rock, soul and electronica whilst showcasing both international, locally established and upcoming artists to an audience keen to explore musical adventures with like-minded people.
     In many ways, #DISTRICT is like loads of different festivals converging on the same urban landscape for one weekend. Each area of the Festival has its own character, its own loyal fans and its own special attractions.
     While everyone will no doubt have their favourite Festival spot, we heartily recommend the “Tapas Experience” – trying a little bit of lots of different things. Because while the Main Stage will always provide the Festival’s most high profile attractions, a lot of the best experiences are to be found out on the outskirts, off the beaten track and where you least expect them.
     But, if in doubt, just wander…
     This urban based festival aims to create a festival platform that cultivates symbiosis of various cultures, backgrounds and demographics in a clean, safe and inclusive environment.

For more information about #DISTRICT , check out their website:

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