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Daville Baillie Gallery Johannesburg and Fringe presents “Don’t Blink”

The opening of Fringe’s solo exhibition on 2 September, from 11:00, coincides with the eagerly anticipated launch of the Victoria Yards development.

Fringe Don't Blink Daville Baillie Gallery
Fringe, Bunny Love, Don’t Blink Series, 150cm X 100 cm, spray on canvas

After a meteoric rise, with widespread acclaim and acquisition, the artist known simply as Fringe will hold his second solo exhibition at the Daville Baillie Gallery Johannesburg, and collectors are lining up for a feeding frenzy.
     Fringe is undoubtedly South Africa’s favourite pop artist whose mixed media works contain happy, yet irreverent, iconography. His anonymity allows him to navigate the pop world of familiar characters, brands and slogans without being weighed down by the fuzz, or distraction, of a real persona.
     About the new show he says from his secret studio hideout in Joburg: ‘The whole idea behind Don’t Blink is to realise that we will never be able to stop progression. We will never be able to slow our pace. We are all victims of a specific state of mind. All in or all out. If we start we cannot stop. The only way to take it in is to look through the rear view mirror while we drive on by. That way we catch the now and the then.’
     Don’t Blink promises to be a mind bending journey through the characters and charades of youth, reminding us that, however old, we can all be happy children.

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