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THINK talks and art walks

Sponsored by RMB Private Bank, the talks at this year’s RMB Turbine Art Fair are guaranteed to make you THINK.

THINK talks
Kholisa Thomas

     One of the most exciting art walkabouts on this year’s schedule is ‘THINK fun – Art that tickles my fancy’ by comedian John Vlismas. Known for his extreme brand of comedy, he has performed at Royal Albert Hall, received death threats from Steve Hofmeyr, and, among many things, is an artist and a successful businessman.
     As an artist, Vlismas is influenced by Francis Bacon and Robert Hodgins, and spent a lot of time painting with the latter before he passed away. He had his first solo exhibition Off The Reservations in 2009, and has exhibited numerous times since then, including a collaborative exhibition with Juanita Frier entitled Through the Roof and Underground at Art Eye Gallery in 2016.

THINK talks
Wilhelm van Rensburg

     Vlismas invests in art as well as creating it, and says that art is ‘much more important to human beings than most realise.’
     An insightful walkabout to look forward to is ‘THINK big ideas – RMB Turbine Art Fair installations’ by Tamzin Lovell-Miller, this year’s installations curator.
     The exemplary knowledge of the Strauss & Co team will be on display on both the talks and walkabouts programmes. Executive Director Susie Goodman will conduct the ‘THINK Knowledge’ walkabout, with Senior Art Specialist Wilhelm van Rensburg giving the ‘THINK growth – Art for investment’ walkabout. Van Rensburg will also give the talk ‘THINK History’.

THINK talks
Susie Goodman

     He will discuss how contemporary artists respond to history and present the selection of artists who responded to the exhibition Life Force: The Still Lifes of Irma Stern.
     Amsterdam-based art buyer and Instagrammer, Els van Mourik, will give the talk ‘THINK Africa’.
     Ronnie Apteker will lead a panel discussion in ‘THINK Film’. The discussion with artists, fashion designers, curators, writers, filmmakers will cover topics like: How much does film as an art form influence us as a society, as artists? Is this changing now in a social-media-driven world? How has the Hollywood bias affected the rest of the world? Do our own aesthetics our own stories in South Africa and Africa have enough influence, are they beginning to have influence elsewhere in the world?

THINK talks

     The ‘THINK Scenes of Success’ panel discussion between gallerists, artists, an educator and a career coach will ask, is the ‘Starving Artist’ label myth or reality? Should parents guide their children away from the arts? What are the chances of Success as an artist today and in the future? What support exists for the arts? Why is the creative economy important?
     Art Advisor Kholisa Thomas will do a walkabout entitled ‘THINK Promise’, looking at a selection of up-and-coming artists. Thomas is a Joburg-based curator who is passionate about bridging the gap between artists and art lovers. With her company The Art Talks, Thomas connects people with art in an accessible, fun and educational way, and aims to do the same with this walkabout.

THINK talks
Tamzin Lovell-Miller

     Other topics covered in the talks include ‘THINK Passion’, ‘THINK Promise’, ‘THINK Legacy’ and ‘THINK Home’.
     So, whether you want to learn a bit more about art, about investing in art, want to identify the next big star, or just have a bit of fun, make sure you book your tickets!
     To book for any of the talks, walkabouts or children’s walkabouts please purchase a general admission ticket online and select which additional programme you would like to attend. These are free to attend and are available on a first come first serve basis. Should you not be able to get a spot for a talk or walkabout online, there are a few spots available for walk-ins on the day.

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