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The Imbali Artbooks: Adventuring into Art

Imagine a new generation growing up with heightened imagination, creativity and innovative thinking. Studies have found that children who have been motivated to practice a specific art form and who spend time with focused attention on arts projects, have measurably increased attention capabilities, even in maths and science. Other studies reported similar scientific findings on the arts’ impact on the brain, showing that sustained arts education is an essential part of social and intellectual development.

     At each stage of childhood, the development of a sense of self-esteem, capacity and confidence that art-making generates is unparalleled in other subjects. But art-making is not only a means to another end. Imagine if all young people could experience the emotional, aesthetic and psychological fulfilment gained in expressing their own creative ideas and discover the sheer pleasure and excitement of the creative process!
     The Imbali Visual Literacy Project has been working in the area of training art teachers for 30 years and has produced a series of books called Adventuring into Art, which is a culmination of these three decades of experience.
     This series introduces young people to the world of art, through looking at many different South African artists and their work, from the first artists in this country up to young contemporary artists working today.
     Through these books, young people will discover this world of art by looking, thinking and discussing, by making and doing, by exploring different materials, and by expressing visual ideas of their own. The Imbali Artbooks consist of a box set of eight books. The series is structured around a number of themes and each chapter raises interwoven topics, issues and ideas that are engaging and relevant to young people in the 21st century.
     This important series of artbooks will be launched on 17 July at Stop Sign Art Gallery, Market Theatre Precinct, Newtown, opposite the entrance to the Market Theatre, next door to Outie’s Coffee Shop.

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