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Taste The Good Life This Winter….

There is undoubtedly a chocolate for every season. Here are some amazing ways to enjoy Nestlé chocolates that will keep you warm this winter.


How to enjoy KITKAT:

There are many ways to eat a KITKAT. You definitely have to try it. We call it, ‘Show me that wafer baby’.

  • Tear the strip
  • Break and snap off one chocolate piece
  • Bite the smooth chocolate off from both short ends.
  • Eat the chocolate down each side and eat the top layer
  • Separate the layers and eat the crisp wafer.
  • ENJOY!

Have a break, have a KITKAT.

NestleHow to enjoy BAR-ONE:

Known as the best reward EVER after a tough workout, we found that putting BAR-ONE in your breakfast banana smoothie makes it extra delicious.  So, we say; Go for it! On your next ‘cheat-day’ be sure to add some BAR-ONE to your smoothie.

NestleHow to enjoy AERO:

Tiny Bubbles…  we know you just want to bite into it and feel those bubbles melt in your mouth.  We have come up with the best way to enjoy your AERO this winter is by making it the HERO ingredient in your S’more recipe, check it out on our page @AEROSA.

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