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Cyrus Kabiru project, C-Stunners

Object we loveCyrus Kabiru was born in 1984 in Nairobi, Kenya, where he currently lives and works. Cyrus Kabiru is best known for refashioning waste and recycled materials into various forms as a humorous critique of contemporary living within Kenya. He is a self-taught sculptor, who has exhibited frequently both internationally and on the African Continent. In his ongoing project, C-Stunners, Kabiru creates and wears artistic bifocals using metal scraps and used objects. Kabiru then has himself photographed as he poses with the makeshift sunglasses. The work sits between fashion, design, performance, and photography in a comment on self-representation through commodity objects. According to Kabiru, the projects captures the sensibility and attitude of the youth generation in Nairobi, where they portray culture bling, the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the people, and the transformability of the everyday. In 2017 Kabiru presented two solo exhibitions, Macho Mbadala at SMAC Gallery in Johannesburg, and Pandashuka at SMAC Gallery in Cape Town. Kabiru sees his work as a call to innovation, which was highlighted in his 2015 solo exhibition; C-Stunners and Black Mamba, at SMAC Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa.

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