PPC Imaginarium Jewellery Winner: Aleks Ashton

Winner: Aleks Ashton
Runner-up: Daniella Sachs

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     Aleks Ashton’s Tiara of the Heart and Head showcases the lightweight quality of concrete as well as its potential to accompany traditional jewellery materials, amplifying their glamour while conveying its own beauty. The design is inspired by a celebration of life’s physiology.
     All physiological systems develop around the nervous and circulatory systems. The heart and head form life’s foundation, supporting life the way concrete supports civilisation.
     Over the years, the designer (a former research psychologist) and her mother (a cardiologist) have had many conversations about psychological wellbeing – its impact on cardiac health and vice versa. The functions of the heart and the head are commonly viewed as separate. The head is responsible for logic and rational thought. The heart, which is often considered inferior, is responsible for irrational emotion. This isn’t true in reality.
     In reality, the brain governs the rational and irrational – that is, thought and emotion – both of which are essential for engagement with and appreciation of the human experience. The head is the seat of consciousness, while the functions of physiological systems are underpinned by the heart and circulatory system. The heartbeat determines both life and death.

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