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Benjamin Jephta Elektrik, The Evolution of an Undefined

Bassist, composer and 2017 Standard Bank Young Artist for Jazz, Benjamin Jephta, will be taking to the road with the support of Concerts SA in anticipation of the release of his sophomore album, The Evolution of an Undefined.

     Jephta has already become one of the premiere double and electric bass players in South Africa. His debut album, Homecoming has received many accolades, including a SAMA and Metro Award nomination and awards for ‘Best Male Artist’ and ‘Song of the Year’ at the Wawela Awards in 2016. With this new offering, Jephta fuses his love for jazz with hip hop, electronic and rock music, reflecting the influence of popular culture on young people in the 21st century.
     Of his new album, Jephta says: “All art is evolution. What we create builds on what came before – our histories, our memories – and transforms into something new. Evolution of an Undefined is that process. It’s about staying connected to tradition while reaching towards a new identity.
     “About standing with feet planted in two moments – the past and the 21st century. This music fuses jazz, electronic and hip-hop, moves beyond genre and creates itself through sound. If Homecoming was about rediscovering who I am, now, Evolution of an Undefined is about who I will be. Modifying. Reconstructing. Progressing. Final form: undefined.” #keepiningitfresh
     The album is available for pre-order exclusively on iTunes (here) and Amazon Music and releases on 1 May. Benjamin Jephta Elektrik will be touring various venues this month with the support of Concerts SA as well as Real Wired Music.
     Copies of the new CD will be on sale at the performances for R150.

The tour itinerary is as follows:

Benjamin Jephta

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