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A new avenue for contemporary art jewellery

Creative Feel in partnership with FADA Gallery is proud to announce the inaugural South African Contemporary Jewellery Awards Exhibition.

UJ Jewellery

     The South African Contemporary Jewellery Awards Exhibition will showcase finalist pieces selected from a national jewellery design and manufacture competition introduced at the launch of Africa’s first Contemporary Jewellery Forum (CJF) in the Jewellery Department of the University of Johannesburg in October 2017. These initiatives are premised on promoting jewellery as a creative medium for personal expression and providing a platform for the development of cutting-edge concept and techniques while creating fine and distinctive art jewellery.
     South Africa has been a major player in the mining of minerals for many years, supplying gold, platinum and diamonds to the global jewellery manufacturing sector while nationally there has been relatively little beneficiation of these local raw materials. A focus of this competition is, therefore, to encourage artists to innovate and create; to combine materials, techniques and finishes and to push boundaries beyond the obvious and mundane and ultimately to maximise the local economic contribution.

Contemporary jewellers are in the unique position of being able to make work that crosses many boundaries – art, design, fashion, craft, engineering – and the intimate scale of jewellery and its close relationship to the body also make it a great vehicle for communication. There are many talented jewellery artists working in this country at the moment who often don’t get the recognition they deserve, so these Awards are a much-needed platform to showcase their work to a broader audience” – Geraldine Fenn – Contemporary South African Jeweller

     The awards exhibition aims to bring together established jewellers, including young and aspiring artists, in the creation of one-of-a-kind expressive or installation pieces. There are no limitations as artists are called upon to visualise and realise their ideas. The winner and runner-up of the competition will be announced at a gala awards ceremony on 15 March 2018 after which the South African Contemporary Jewellery Awards Exhibition will open at the FADA Gallery on the Bunting Road Campus of the University of Johannesburg.
     International and local judges will ensure works selected are deserving of their inclusion in this well-established niche market. All pieces on exhibition will be for sale, presenting an opportunity for art collectors and the public to add jewellery to their collections. A comprehensive catalogue of all work on exhibition will be forthcoming, contributing to research and development in this field and stimulating much-needed growth in this niche market.
     Exposure of the winning artist’s pieces and that of the runner-up in the April 2018 issue of Creative Feel will gain them national and international recognition.
     For more information, visit SA Contemporary Jewellery Awards Exhibition on Facebook at

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