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As 2018 looms…

     As stores and shopping malls fill up with ‘Christmas Cheer’ and all the associated madness, Casta Diva Boutique Hotel offers a hidden sanctuary in the northern parts of Pretoria where you and a few friends can escape the consumer-driven holiday season – your place to retreat.
     Casta Diva now boasts a total of 27 beautifully decorated, elegant accommodations.
     Visit the Casta Diva listing on to view some of the reviews and experiences of other guests who have found tranquillity at the hidden gem on the slopes of the Magaliesberg mountain range.
     In addition to four-star accommodation, this boutique hotel offers the culinary skills of their Charisma Restaurant kitchen team. Here, the food is excellent, the ambience is elegant and the experience is always memorable. Book a table for a romantic dinner, a small family function or just a special meal.
     If you enjoy supporting local, up-and-coming artists, book tickets to one of the events hosted in the intimate Vissi d’Arte Theatre/Art Gallery on a Saturday evening. You can visit Casta Diva’s Vissi d’Arte Facebook page for updates on events.
     So, whether it be a break-away from the Christmas madness, a relaxed Christmas lunch or a rejuvenation to start and prepare for the New Year, or just before work starts and life commences, why not find peace at an oasis in the city?
     Take time for yourself and enjoy the peaceful beauty of the best-kept secret in Gauteng – Casta Diva Boutique Hotel, the place to… enjoy life.

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