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A national treasure

Internationally recognised musician and one of South Africa’s musical phenomenons, Guy Buttery, has been awarded the prestigious Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Music 2018.   

It’s a super cool opportunity and an accolade of course and I’m very happy to be wafting in the realms of all those fantastic previous award winners

­  Guy Buttery is widely regarded as one of South Africa’s most influential artists, with a distinct acoustic style that is influenced by traditional South African culture, music and instrumentation. Called a ‘national treasure’, his unmistakable sound is a ‘musical advocate for everything positive and beautiful about the place he calls home.’
­  Born in a small coastal town outside of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, Buttery started touring and doing concerts while still in high school. His debut album When I Grow Up, released when he was 18, earned him SAMA Nominations for Best Instrumental and Best Newcomer. This was just the start of what has been an illustrious career that has seen the composer and guitar player collecting numerous accolades and consistently releasing critically acclaimed albums. Buttery’s touring schedule is consistently busy, with the multi-instrumentalist regularly playing sell-out performances all over the globe. He has performed, recorded and collaborated with numerous South African and international musicians, including Nibs vd Spuy, Vusi Mahlasela, Kesivan Naidoo, Gito Baloi, Syd Kitchen, Dan Patlansky, The Violent Femmes, Jethro Tull, Missy Higgins, Bob Brozman and Dave Matthews

SBYA 2018

I was totally surprised and massively honoured

­  The Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Music has over the years been traditionally awarded to musicians playing classical music or opera, with Buttery being the first to be awarded outside of these genres. ‘I must admit that it was totally unexpected because obviously I’ve had quite a few friends who have won awards over the years, primarily in the jazz field or in the theatre field, but think this was the first time they’ve given it to a musician outside of the classical realm, so it was totally unexpected. I always followed and was aware of the awards itself but didn’t ever think it would be bestowed on a musician such as myself, so I was totally surprised and massively honoured. It’s a super cool opportunity and an accolade of course and I’m very happy to be wafting in the realms of all those fantastic previous award winners.’
­  At the moment, Buttery is in the middle of a hectic touring schedule. When we spoke to him, he had just arrived back from touring in Brazil, had a concert the next day, was then off to Gauteng for some shows, before going straight to New Zealand for performances there.

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