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5ToMidnight – Opposing Armageddon with Art


Bringing communities and cultures together to feed the human condition through theatre.

     On 4 December, 5ToMidnight, a non-profit theatre company birthed from Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center in 2015, combined the efforts of its 4 international branches in Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Singapore, to launch their dream campaign on Indiegogo, aiming to utilise accessible theatre and education as tools to build a progressive and empathetic society.
     On embarking on such an arduous campaign to bring accessible and progressive theatre to audience and artists alike, 5ToMidnight has garnered support from some of the top brass in the industry, noting world-renowned avant-garde theatre director and visual artist Robert Wilson who states:

“5toMidnight has created a platform to unite artists from diverse social and cultural backgrounds by working openly and inclusively. From their work with hearing-impaired actors in Indonesia to LGBTQ artists in Taiwan, the mission of 5toMidnight will continue to stand for humanism and social justice. I am excited to see the next works 5toMidnight will produce.” -Robert Wilson (Letter to 5ToMidnight)

     The proposed stretch goals chronicling the campaign, if reached, will provide schools, artists, and audiences access to local 5ToMidnight branches workshops and shows. With further goals of up to a million dollars, 5ToMidnight’s hopes to achieve its dream of a fully realised global intercultural community operating out of communal, self-sufficient artistic spaces.
     About 5ToMidnight: 5ToMidnight is the brainchild of artists Ethan Chia (Singapore), and Abdi Karya(Indonesia) who have travelled to 5 countries to hold workshops and use theatre as a critique on the societal status quo. With 9 international collaborative projects and 3 successfully crowdfunded productions under their belt, they are moving towards building a sustainable infrastructure for working with local communities to develop international co-productions for a global audience.
     Indiegogo Campaign Link:
     Indiegogo Update 6/12/17:


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