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Art classes for young and old in Johannesburg

Lillian Gray

Lillian Gray, a South African contemporary fine artist, offers art classes to toddlers, tweens, teenagers, and adults at her studio in Fairland, Johannesburg. The weekly classes are ideal for young and old art enthusiasts, absolute beginners, experienced artists who want to learn a new skill, as well as those who want to explore their creativity.

Lillian GrayAll classes start with the fundamentals and history of art. As a visual storyteller, Lillian gives life to what is often regarded as a boring subject, by using cartoons, drawings and multimedia tools to educate and fascinate. “I believe that we do not study history to understand the past. We study history to predict the future, to gain an in-depth understanding of human behaviour, and to learn from the key messages to transform our current world,” says Lillian. Students are encouraged to explore different mediums and then venture into either sculpting, drawing, watercolours or oil painting – depending on what fuels their passion. Says Lillian, “When I witness my students getting in touch with their inner artist, even when they don’t believe that they are creative, I experience a sense of joy and fulfilment. In that moment, I know that I live my purpose: To create and help others create. I love to see how people open like rosebuds. When they first start, they are hesitant, unsure of themselves and nervous. But by the third or fourth class, they are literally blossoming. I see passion in their eyes; I see peace; I see a sense of wonder. And these things make me happy.” Lillian’s art classes are more than just a way to escape from reality or unwind. As a qualified graphic designer, illustrator and a successful commercial artist in her own right, Lillian is also a passionate and successful entrepreneur. She helps aspiring artists to prepare for a career in art by guiding them on how to refine their portfolio. If you are ready to unleash your inner artist and join Lillian’s art classes, inspiring paint nights, kids holiday and other workshops, visit and book your beautiful creative journey today.

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