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OppiKoppi Tribute Artist: Mafikizolo


Every year OppiKoppi pays tribute to an artist or band that we, The Mango Pickers, consider to be the meat in the patty, the sweet flesh of the Mango, the phuthu on the plate. Give respect where respect is due. Welcome greetings, praise songs and congratulations are in order for this year’s Tribute Artist: Mafikizolo.

Mafikizolo began performing and recording in 1997. That’s 20 years of consistent quality.
Reliable and proper, the real makhoya van toeka af. During this time, they have remained
true to themselves and avidly dedicated to their craft; they continue to give us entertainment of superior quality and substance, and have made us party on more than one dance floor scattered across this fragile planet. We, The Mango Pickers, think that Mafikizolo deserves nothing less than a standing ovation for giving us 20 years of heavyweight love and beautiful music. Since 2010 the OppiKoppi Boxing Association (yes, it’s a thing because we say so) has been awarding a rather snazzy heavyweight belt to the stalwarts of the SA music scene in a moment in time for roughly 20 000 fans and thousands of online hooligans to say “Well played sir” (and this year of course, well played madam).


2010 – Valiant Swart

2011 – David Kramer

2012 – Vusi Mahlasela

2013 – Koos Kombuis

2014 – Ollie Viljoen* and Hugh Masekela

2015 – Johnny Clegg

2016 – Ready D

2017 – Mafikizolo

And now in 2017 we, the Mango Pickers, are proud to welcome Theo Kgosinkwe and Nhlanhla Nciza to our dusty hall of fame: Haaallooo and halala Mafikizoloooo, your belt awaits you at #OK23MangoPicker. For everyone else, listen to Mafikizolo’s OppiKoppi playlist on Deezer.

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