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Jaco Van Schalkwyk’s “Retroquire xiGubu”

We love thisRetroquire xiGubu
Jaco Van Schalkwyk in collaboration with Allen Laing
1150 x 1540 x 1850 mm
Mixed media installation 

This artwork forms part of Jaco Van Schalkwyk’s solo exhibition Arium, which was exhibited at the Barnard Gallery, Cape Town from 22 August to 19 September 2017.

‘Jaco Van Schalkwyk is an avid photographer of life around him, including people, landscapes, oddments and things that he encounters. He is a collector of such visual material, partly physical objects but mostly through photography and it is from the results of these collections that his latest exhibition has emerged. It is a collection of note, a Wunderkammer, a “curiosity cabinet” of oddments and items gathered on his travels, but they are not just presented as trophies. These items and images have been carefully considered, reconfigured and manipulated, either in painted or physical juxtapositions, to create a “Theatrum Mundi” – a theatrical reimagining of his experiences as both omniscient recorder and subjective participant.’ – Prof. Karen Veh

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