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What Remains: A new play by Nadia Davids

What Remains, a new play by Nadia Davids, is a captivating fusion of text, dance and movement to tell a story about an unexpected uncovering of a slave burial ground in Cape Town, the archaeological dig that follows and a city haunted by the memory of slavery. When the bones emerge from the ground everyone in the city – slave decedents, archaeologists, citizens, property developers – are forced to reckon with a history sometimes remembered, sometimes forgotten. Loosely based on the events at Prestwich Place, What Remains is a journey through memory and magic, of the uncanny and the known, between waking and dreaming, and of paintings and protests. Four figures – The Archaeologist, The Healer, The Dancer and The Student – move between bones and books, archives and madness, as they try to reconcile the past with the now.

What Remains

6 – 12 JULY 2017 | HIDDINGH HALL | Second floor, Hiddingh Hall, UCT Hiddingh Campus 31-37 Orange Street Gardens, Cape Town | ACCESS: The inaccessibility of Hiddingh Hall to wheelchair-bound patrons is an issue of priority for UCT, and one we are addressing. Should patrons require assistance in accessing the space for WHAT REMAINS, please contact Sam Saevitzon (email), and arrangements will be made. Bookings

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