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Plenty to look forward to with Candice Berman at TAF17

Candice Berman
Broken Line Series 6 | Daniel Stompie Selibe | 2017 | Mixed Media on Paper | 1000 x 700mm

Candice Berman Gallery will be exhibiting both well-known and new artists at TAF17.

The buzz and energy of the Fair is undeniably found in the Basement of Turbine Hall, where the Candice Berman Gallery stand has established itself in the same spot year after year. Having designed the stand to best showcase the artists’ works, it is narrow and long but, most importantly, unmissable. The exciting selection this year includes well-known artists like Daniel ‘Stompie’ Selibe who has completed a magnificent series of panoramic abstracts, softening his bold application with pastel tones and Rothko-esque fields of colour. John Vusi Mfupi has been busying himself with a series of collage originals, incorporating a fine rain or mist over the works to create an interesting depth and dimension. This year, the avid collector can look forward to some familiar names as well as exciting new artists. Manuela Holzer has been working fervently to get together a strong selection of works incorporating materials such as melted, black refuse bags to steel armature and epoxy. After much success at the Cape Town Art Fair in February, this will be the first time she shows at TAF. Look out for tall, metal plinths adorned by her sculptures of figures depicting the darker or shadow states of the human psyche such as isolation and collapse.

Candice Berman
Broken Line Series 7 | Daniel Stompie Selibe | 2017 | Mixed Media on Paper | 1000 x 700mm

Ephia Mmbidi shows her works for the second time at TAF, with a focus on texture and mark making. Her mixed media pieces are portraits etched into materials using tools that mark and maim their substrate but, in the process, create beautiful scars that have a textural appeal and play with the light and composition. A Black female artist who has shown at the FNB JoburgArtFair in 2016 and recently in Miami, USA, her work has come a long way in terms of compositional and material quality. Her human figures drip with paint and are plastered with collaged cardboard, charcoal and engravings to create an intricate portrait revealing a beauty associated with the scars our personal histories inscribe upon us. What is new and exciting this year is that Berman has been busying herself developing a new range of frames that will be officially launched on her stand this year. You can look forward to colours like Phantom Ship, Light Stone and Agate Grey, as many of the works have been complemented by the latest framing style. Furthermore, after much experimentation, the range is ready to be launched to the public. All post-finish (i.e. the finish has been applied after the frame has been custom cut for the selected piece) this range plays with shadows and neutrals and creates a subtle but warm take on the warm and cool greys.

Candice Berman
Broken Line Series 8 | Daniel Stompie Selibe | 2017 | Mixed Media on Paper | 1000 x 700mm

What is most exciting of all, is that this range pairs up beautifully with the wood range including Kiaat, Maple, Ash and Ramen. The idea is to offer framing concepts that best complement the artwork and incorporate distinctive design elements into your home. The current trends in furniture design and decor have further pushed Berman to develop this range, which is not as obvious as a standard black or white frame. Glossy finishes including black and white are easily accompanied by soft woods and greys. This new selection also includes a rose gold/copper colour. From the organic and natural wood finishes to the putty-colours in the Olive Grey and Karoo Drift, this selection of frames will create a warmth and atmosphere to best accompany your artwork.

Please visit the Candice Berman Gallery at the Riverside Shopping Centre in Bryanston for a consultation or we will gladly bring a team through to your home. Looking forward to seeing you at the Turbine Art Fair this year where you can view the whole custom range!

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