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Artists collaborate on unique linocut project to raise funds for underprivileged artists

Seven renowned artists have come together to produce a series of highly limited linocut artworks that are being sold to raise funds for underprivileged artists.

These artists, all of whom are participating in the upcoming Solo Studios event taking place in the Riebeek Valley from 11 – 13 August, were given a free hand to produce a distinctive set of linocut prints which are extremely collectable, given that only 15 sets were produced. Linocut is a relief printmaking technique, in which a design is cut into a surface such as a woodblock or linoleum with a range of v-shaped chisels or gouges. The completed block or sheet is inked with a roller, carefully covered with a clean sheet of paper and then impressed by hand or through an etching press. After the edition is printed, the original carved block is destroyed. In this, the edition is rendered exclusive. Tamlin Blake, Solly Smook, Andre Van Vuuren, Emma Willemse, Riaan van Zyl, Greta McMahon, and Jenny Parsons each produced a limited edition of relief prints which are presented in bespoke boxes and accompanied by a catalogue. Each box set of 7 prints costs R 29 000.00 and only 15 have been made. 

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Klaus Piprek, the originator of the Solo Studios event explains that a percentage of the funds raised through the linocut project will go towards establishing a trust fund that will provide a mentorship and support programme to sustainably assist disadvantaged artists from the valley on an ongoing and long term basis. “The Solo Studios Linocut Project can ultimately be described as a project by the artists for the artists. A percentage of the proceeds made during the Solo Studios event itself will also go back towards this fund to support underprivileged artists,” says Piprek. “During the weekend of Solo Studios, the People’s Gallery will also provide a platform for aspiring artists from disadvantaged backgrounds to display and sell their works to visitors.” Hosted in and around the towns of Riebeek Kasteel and Riebeek West, Solo Studios is a collaboration between artists, art curators and galleries based in the area, and has been created to provide an opportunity for art collectors to visit artists in their studios to view and purchase their art.

For more information visit or contact Klaus Piprek on 074 209 6838, or email

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