Ekurhuleni Human Rights Exhibition 2017: Beyond Teaching

The Springs Art Gallery serves the community of the East Rand through a programme of internal and external exhibitions, workshops and art classes aimed at promoting visual literacy and making the visual arts accessible to everyone.

The Gallery hosts the annual Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Award, and runs the Arts Development School. From 25 March to 31 May, Springs Art Gallery hosted the Ekurhuleni Human Rights Exhibition 2017 titled Beyond TeachingBeyond Teaching showcased art created by students from the Ekurhuleni Art Development School and Art as Healing programme. The Springs Art Gallery Visual Arts Development Programme was launched by the Directorate Arts Culture and Heritage as a three-month course in the early 2000s in Tembisa. The programme has now expanded to and is presented various regions within Ekurhuleni, at art centres, community halls, library activity rooms, places of safety, special needs schools and correctional services. The programmes play a critical role as incubation and a mentoring processes from which future fully-fledged artists and photographers will originate. The programmes have identified numerous aspiring creative minds, who have gone on to become full-time practising artists. The exhibition and artworks addressed the topic of children’s rights and provided an opportunity for students to examine the topic from various points of view, by using different sizes and art mediums including painting, collage art, drawing, printing, etc. The purpose of the annual Human Rights Exhibition is to serve as an educational event, as well as providing a creative outlet for students to know their rights. Through the exhibition’s conceptually and aesthetically unique collaborative artwork approach, students were in a position to connect with viewers on an emotional and personal level.

The exhibition aimed to open both internal and external dialogues to promote human rights issues, the rights of children in particular.

The Human Rights Exhibition is a unique developmental and educational project aimed at particular sections of the community like schools, youth groups, writers’ forums, poetry and book clubs, researchers, educators and individuals. The opening programme included live music performance by KwaTsaDuza Jazz Orchestra, spoken word artists, fashion features and a showcase of fun-filled art activities for children, including painting, drawing and drumming. Since its inception, the Ekurhuleni Art Development School project has demonstrated its vast potential and commitment to promoting awareness and appreciation of visual arts and encouraging the creation of art. The project is aimed at empowering unemployed, out of school youth through art. It also provides a valuable support base for those whose schools don’t offer art as a subject, or those who are interested in forging an arts career but do not necessarily have funds to pursue this ideal. Over the years, the project has identified many aspiring artists who went on to become full-time practising artists and joined institutions like Artist Proof Studio (APS), University of Johannesburg (UJ) and Vaal University of Technology (VUT).

The Art as Healing classes focus on using art and art materials as a healing tool for traumatised and mentally disabled youth.

The Art as Healing classes focus on using art and art materials as a healing tool for traumatised and mentally disabled youth. The programme aims to promote social integration through, as an example, Art Therapy for disabled students at special needs schools. The Art as Healing Classes form an essential part in various communities, helping engage disadvantaged people through exploring various art media. This in turn helps unearth talent while healing the soul of the nation.


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