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Art Exhibition by Author, Futurist Aims to Inspire

A collection of original oil paintings by Cape Town based writer, artist and futurist Michael Lee will be exhibited in The Forum at the Victoria and Alfred Hotel, V&A Waterfront, from 19 to 22 March 2017. The public is invited to attend for free.

A Bridge of Light, the solo exhibition will comprise a diverse range of Lee’s monochrome, soft colour and full colour works. Among the collection will be Lee’s Inspired series. This consists of two massive canvases that feature evocative portraits of well-known South Africans who have played a significant role in politics, history, sport, culture, literature, medicine or business. These include the four Nobel Peace Prize winners, Nelson Mandela, FW de Klerk, Albert Luthuli and Desmond Tutu, as well as Jan Smuts, Sol Plaatje, Nadine Gordimer, Thuli Madonsela, Prof Christiaan Barnard, Robert Sobukwe, Helen Suzman, Gary Player, Jacques Kallis, Thabo Mbeki, Athol Fugard, Helen Zille, Miriam Makeba, Alan Paton, Dr Beyers Naude, Sol Kerzner, Charlize Theron, Clem Sunter, Trevor Manuel, Chad le Clos and Francois Pienaar. Also on display will be Lee’s 50th anniversary portrait commemorating the world’s first human heart transplant at Groote Schuur Hospital in 1967, as well as a satirical portrait of President Jacob Zuma entitled Dial 666 for special offers. Celebrating the power of art in the South African context, Lee seeks to “inspire all visitors through powerful images. We live in times of turmoil in our land and abroad, and the viewing experience aims to refresh, energise and uplift,” said Lee. “Each work stands on its own as a unique expression.” The public is invited to visit the exhibition from 10:00 to 19:30 daily and entry is free. The artist will conduct a free guided tour of his art works at 18:30 daily to explain their origin, style, motivation and meaning.

Michael Lee Exhibition
Michael Lee | Keara Edwards Photography

A Bridge of Light is Michael’s first solo art exhibition.

Michael is a writer, artist and qualified futurist living in Cape Town. His books about understanding what forces and factors shape the future include Knowing our Future and Codebreaking our Future, both available on Amazon and at major book stores in South Africa. He has written a documentary novel about the world’s first human heart transplant, which took place at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town on 3 December 1967. Entitled Heartbeat – 50th Anniversary Special Edition, the novel is currently being translated into Russian by the MEDpress-Inform Publishers in Moscow. Other documentary novels include Voyage of the Moon Dream (about the first manned lunar landing in 1969) and Rocket Ride of the Secret Cosmonaut (about the inaugural human space flight by Yuri Gagarin in 1961). Michael’s first science fiction work is about the threat of artificial intelligence to humanity, Strange Time in Tokyo – the Advent of Superhumans. He has also written Year of the Beast, a novel about an animal revolution brought about by severe drought in South Africa and One Million Years Ago – an epic story of hominids set in the Cradle of Humankind in Gauteng.

For further details, visit or, or email Lee at

Awakening Year
Michael Lee Exhibition
Awakening Year | Twelve blocks of colour blended together over the four seasons of the year | Painted in Oil | 2015 | 76 x 51 cm
Seventh Wonder
Michael Lee Exhibition
Seventh Wonder | Navigating my way by the strength of Table Mountain: a soft colour, monotone tribute to the soul of Cape Town city | Painted in Oil | 2012 | 70 x 85 cm
M’zuri Sana
Michael Lee Exhibition
M’zuri Sana | A skyline of simple beauty no poem could capture | Painted in Oil | 2011 | 59 x 59 cm
100 Years Ago
Michael Lee Exhibition
100 Years Ago | 2007 | Based on a photograph of market activity on Cape Town’s Grand Parade in the early years of the previous century, just before the dawn of the age of motor cars | Oil Painting | 71.5 x 102 cm
Dial 666 for special deals
Michael Lee Exhibition
Dial 666 for special deals | A satirical reflection of Jacob Zuma, whose dishonest manipulations have scandalised the presidency | Painted in Oil | 76 x 61 cm
Inspired 2
Michael Lee Exhibition
Inspired 2 | Portraits of inspiring South Africans interwoven in one visionary tapestry | Our country needs our heroes and heroines for their inner greatness and humility have lit up our heavens in the midst of turmoil | Bring out the next generation of such wonderfully strong and wise leaders | Painted in Oil | 2015 | 130 x 160cm

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