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Absa Gallery spotlights fascinating artists’ books in Bibliophilia

Lovers of fine, contemporary South African art will get a rare glimpse inside the minds of some of the country’s top visual artists this month when the intriguing Bibliophilia … Turning the Pages group exhibition opens at the Absa Gallery on Sunday, 5 February.

This creative showcase explores bibliophilia, or the love of reading, admiring and collecting books. But these are not just any books. They are the working books produced by individual artists in creating their bodies of work.The artists featured have used both the traditional structure of a book and the contemporary interpretation of book objects to produce the limited edition artists’ books on show.

Barbara Wildenboer
Spinning Tales II, Barbara Wildenboer, Library of the Infinitesimally Small & Unimaginably Large

Kathleen Sawyer, the 2013 L’Atelier Merit Award winner, and several other artists who have participated in the prestigious L’Atelier competition over the years, including Stephen Rosin, Shenaz Mohamed and Neil Nieuwoudt, will take visitors on a personal journey through their love of the written word and their creative expression thereof.

Consequently, the pieces are not direct illustrations of the stories themselves, but allusive meditations on the thematic elements and how these are still prevalent in contemporary culture.

Kathleen Sawyer
Path of Pins, Kathleen Sawyer, Bitten, 2014

Sawyer’s work, for example, is entitled Bedtime Stories, and is a series of artist’s books entailing interventions such as delicate ballpoint pen drawings and sketchbook cut-outs. The collection comprises 12 artist’s books that take Eurocentric fairy tales as a departure point for a visual discussion of what the artist feels are the most enduring motifs of the chosen narratives.

My intention was to investigate the relevance of the fairy tale genre to a contemporary audience that may not necessarily relate to the archaic references and history of the trope. Focusing primarily on sexuality and gendered power relations, the work identifies how these themes are presented in fairy tales, using this as a non-representational basis for the content of the work – Sawyer.

Kathleen Sawyer
Path of Needles, Kathleen Sawyer, Bitten, 2014

Participating artists include Banele Khoza, Barbara Wildenboer, Stephan Erasmus, Collen Maswanganyi, Angelique Koekemoer, Michael Meyersfield, Bongani Njalo, Martin Onyis, Stephen Rosin, Shenaz Mohamed, Neil Nieuwoudt and Kathleen Sawyer.

Kathleen Saywer
Someday My Prince Will Come, Kathleen Saywer, Bedtime Stories, 2016

BibliophiliaTurning the Pages runs at the Absa Gallery at Absa Towers North, 161 Main Street, Johannesburg, from 5 February 2016 to 10 March 2017. The gallery is open from 08:00 to 16:00, Monday to Friday.



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