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Master the Art of Writing with CityVarsity Online’s Short Courses

Turn your ideas into stories and watch them come alive with CityVarsity’s Online short courses in writing

Are you passionate about the art of writing? Do you see yourself as the next Steven Spielberg or J.K Rowling? Then CityVarsity Online is your one-stop creative shop for short courses and is just a click away.

Enter now for a chance to win 1 of 5 CityVarsity Online Bursaries to the value of R10 000 each, and get to showcase your writing talents in the New Year!

CityVarsity Online’s range of creative short courses have been designed to unlock your creativity. For the aspiring writer, you can find a short course in Creative Writing or Screenwriting. Each of these offer highly-impactful introductions to sound foundational elements that are required in the profession. The courses are designed to allow you to obtain in-depth knowledge over a short space of time.

There is a great need for creative writers, but many do not want to sit through long classes, and prefer a quick option. CityVarsity Online fits right into this category. With its exciting Creative and Screenwriting courses, you can begin your career today!

Write Creatively the Right Way

Foundations of Creative Writing

According to David Cornwell who designed and lectures for the Write Creatively the Right Way course and author of Like it Matters, Online creative courses are few and far between in South Africa.

Creative writing can infuse life into any piece of information. It evokes emotion and can inspire one to take action. David explained, “Stories dominate facts, stories are everything. They are how we learn about ourselves and each other; they are how we make sense of the world.  The world can always use good storytellers. Writing teaches you how to express yourself with clarity and boldness. Creative writing can be used as a powerful communicative tool for people from all walks of life.”

Short Courses
Creative Writing Short Courses at CityVarsity Online.

With this course, students can expect thoroughly-researched and academically-toned introductions to writing principles that will stand any aspiring writer in good stead for future projects.

The course will build confidence in one’s personal narrative voice, and equip you with the skills to tell well-plotted and effective narratives. Topics include: genres and themes, characterisations, structure and plotting, language, as well as editing and redrafting.

Screenwriting 101

Introduction to Screenwriting Online Short Course

Do you have a movie or script idea that you think will sell? With this course, you can bring those ideas to life and be discovered. You will learn where to find stories, what makes a strong narrative, how to write memorable characters and how to format a professional industry standard script.

The course will take you through eight weeks of screenwriting theory and practice to move you from amateur to professional. The outcome of the course is a short film script and a list of competitions you can enter to launch your filmmaking or screenwriting profession.

For Creative Directors who want to inspire their workers and Copywriters who wish to learn narrative structure in order to write compelling pitch documents, this course is for you. The online Screenwriting course is hands-on and will give you a head start to other writers entering the film industry.

The Creative Writing course begins on 12 December 2016 and the Screenwriting Course begins on 9 January 2017.

For more information or to book your course, visit or call: 0860 103242

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