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Third Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival

Assupol and world-renowned flugelhornist, trumpeter, bandleader, composer, singer and defiant political voice, Hugh Masekela, host third  Heritage Festival.

Saturday, 5 November 2016, at the Soweto Cricket Oval at Elkah Stadium in Rockville, Soweto was abuzz with the spectacular Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival. Thousands of patrons will be taken on an enthralling musical journey with our headline act, Bra Hugh, and the soulful sounds of Ringo Mandlingozi. All while moving to the traditional sounds of Phuzekhemisi, and grooving to the beats of GoodLuck and Moonchild.

“I always look forward to festivals of this calibre, primarily due to their catalytic component in driving critical dialogue through a powerful medium such as music. My biggest obsession is to show Africans and the world who the people of Africa really are and it’s this ideal that has always propelled me forward since I first began playing the trumpet,” says Bra Hugh. 

This ideal has inspired him to start the Hugh Masekela Heritage Foundation in an effort to restore the knowledge of (South) Africa’s past through extensive genealogy research of (South) African families. In an effort to help revive studies in the areas of indigenous manufacture of household goods in order to elevate African carpentry, construction, weaving, linen manufacture, design, stonemasonry, mosaics, art, traditional music, dance and sport, the award-winning artist hopes to use his global reach to spread the word about heritage restoration in Africa – a topic that has always been, and remains, very close to his heart. 

“Assupol is very honoured to be part of this event, Bra Hugh has been a big part of Assupol and his brand has contributed immensely to our target reach. Naturally, giving back for a cause so close to his heart brings us great pleasure. Embracing our country’s heritage also brings us delight because being a servant to those who serve makes us passionate about client satisfaction.” –  Rudi Schmidt, CEO of the Assupol Group.

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