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Johannesburg Premier of Scorched

Jade Bowers presents the Johannesburg premier of Scorched at the UJ Arts Centre Theatre. From 27 July to 5 August 2016.

A production that is hot off the Main Programme at the 2016 National Arts Festival. Standard Bank Young Artist for Theatre, Jade Bowers, presents the Johannesburg premier of Scorched at the UJ Arts Centre Theatre. The production opens on 27 July and runs until 5 August 2016.

Scorched has played to sold out houses, and was critically acclaimed. Writer and scholar specialising in New South African performance modalities, Anton Kreuger continues to review the production: “My telling you how astonishing the ending is will still not detract from its power. This was the first production I saw this year that moved me to tears – more than once. In fact, it was probably my richest and most rewarding theatre experience this year.”

“Her direction is impeccable. Her vision translated into a play of epic proportion, yet rooted in each tiny moment building to a shocking climax. The play is a painful thing to watch… a modern day tale of our society and how our sins and transgressions live on. It is a horrific tale of our collective loss of our humanity manifested in the life of one woman. It will be a play that will be spoken about for a long time to come.” – Gita Pather, Director of Wits Theatre.

Arts writer and commentator Tracey Saunders, too, called it “a piece of theatre history”.

The details of this story resonate with us all in a global and uncertain context, loosely-based in the middle east. Kreuger reminds us that “We might be tempted to think civil war and forced migrations only happen in other countries. However, there have already been many wars fought in this country, and there will still be many more. If we hope to postpone the next conflict beyond the span of our own lifetimes, then we need to open our hearts and listen to stories like this one.”

Linda Gaboriau sensitively translates Scorched with Direction from Jade Bowers. Oliver Hauser provides Lighting Design while Nadine Minaar and Matthew MacFarlane provide Design and Music Composition respectively. Cherae Halley (Janine), Jaques De Silva (Simon), Mpho Osei-Tutu (Nihad), Bronwyn van Grann (Antoine) feature as the cast. Ameera Patel (Sawda), Gopala Davies (Alphonse) and Ilse Klink (Narwal) are included as well.

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