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Artists Unravel the Complexities of History at Lizamore

Artists interrogate the complexities embedded in historical narratives at Lizamore in August.

In August 2016, Lizamore & Associates presents Fragile Histories, Fugitive Lives. This is a solo exhibition by Keith Dietrich and The Forgotten, a group print exhibition curated by Teresa Lizamore. These exhibitions open on 4 August 2016 at 18:00.

For the past decade, Keith Dietrich has been working with folded paper, texts and photographs. His work takes the form of artist’s books and photomontages. Here, he poetically juxtaposes the fragility of his materials with the fragility of human encounters and relations. Particularly, in the context of colonial South Africa. The core of this exhibition includes an artist’s book and four photomontage triptychs entitled Fragile Histories, Fugitive Lives | Justice and Injustice at the Cape, 1700 – 1800.

Set in the Cape of Good Hope, Dietrich offers the viewer a rare glimpse into the entangled, unsettling and ultimately fragile histories. Those of people living on the fringes of colonial society in one of the world’s most globalised social spaces at the time. This exhibition is informed by 1220 trials that took place between 1692 and 1802 at the Cape of Good Hope. A part of South Africa that was ruled by the Dutch East India Company at the time. Of particular interest are the atrocious sentences that were meted out for transgressions against a colonial order.  In addition, the emerging Cape found itself on the fringe of a far bigger mercantile empire and its capital far removed in Batavia, Indonesia. This order saw the emergence of a unique and globalised society, the most polyglot in the world at the time.

Keith Dietrich. Fragile Histories. Book One. Image courtesy of Lizamore & Associates.

Alongside Dietrich’s compelling exhibition, The Forgotten will be on exhibition. This printmaking exhibition will be curated by Teresa Lizamore. It takes its cue from the untold – and often forgotten – narratives of many individuals embedded in South Africa’s complex history. This exhibition asks artists to act as authors of these untold narratives that attempt to unhinge the singular narrative which history presents.

In the current post-apartheid landscape, many South Africans try to renegotiate the collective contemporary South African history. Which includes considering untold narratives due to the history (of apartheid, segregation and power struggles). Consequently diverting from the known (sanctioned) narrative, this exhibition looks to the individual narrative and the artist as the author. Furthermore, challenging a linear timeline focusing on the ‘forgotten’ (his)stories within a South African context.

Participating artists include:

  • Grace Mmabatho Mokalapa,
  • Bevan de Wet,
  • Titia Ballot,
  • Pebofatso Mokoena,
  • Philip Mabote,
  • Lekau Matsena, and
  • Michael Selekane.

These exhibitions open on 4 August at 18:00 and ends on 27 August 2016 at the Lizamore & Associates gallery, 155 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood.

For more information, visit the Lizamore & Associates website.

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