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Work Shop New Town a Brand Hub

Work Shop New Town is Johannesburg’s newest pioneering brand hub.

A unique retail dream that also incorporates historical reminisce of the property is found with Work Shop New Town.

‘We wanted to confront visitors with a sophisticated homage to past glories and this ground-breaking retail environment is divided into designated areas, shops and booths that pay tribute to the goldmines, markets, livestock stalls, cultural icons, industry and office workers that made Newtown the gateway to the city over 100 years ago,’ says Adri van Zyl of Atelier Interiors, who created the architectural concept with Source’s Julian McGowan.

The Potato Sheds, constructed in 1911, was an important location for the inhabitants of Johannesburg, the bustling city. The market served as more than just a trade and exchange, but rather an eminent core for business and success. ‘Working within a heritage space, you’re given the rare opportunity to take something old and familiar and create something exciting, new and relevant. But the trick is to add to the story and not just retell it,’ explains McGowan.

Work Shop New Town a Brand Hub
Work Shop New Town. Photograph by Chris Watterson

In contemporary Johannesburg, adapting this concept to once again provide a platform for some of today’s leading entrepreneurs, not only pays tribute to the ambitious business people that came before, but also paves the way for those to come. Work Shop New Town strives to recreate that commercial achievement by offering a dynamic retail space for the country’s leading brands in an energetic, collaborative environment. Many of these businesses have similarly grown from young entrepreneurial ventures to become well-known and coveted labels, including Black Coffee; Kat van Duinen; Kisua; Wolf and Maiden; Pichulik; House of Cinnamon; Live Wire; Amerikana and Unknown Union, among many others.

Established adjacent to the Newtown Junction shopping mall and as part of an extensive regeneration development from Atterbury and Attacq, Work Shop New Town will benefit from the vibrant retail atmosphere, secure parking and facilities, soon-to-be finished hotel and regular events. Newtown is a definite cultural heart of Johannesburg, home to artistic incubators such as the Dance Factory, Bassline, Museum Africa, The Market Theatre Lab and, of course, the Market Theatre. Thus, the former Market Square and new addition only contribute to this culturally rich kaleidoscope.

Work Shop New Town a Brand Hub
Work Shop New Town. Photograph by Chris Watterson

Attacq is a leading South African capital growth fund in the real estate sector. It has consistently delivered growth in capital to its investors through its strategic property holdings and developments. Attacq focuses on sustainable capital appreciation through the development and ownership of a balanced portfolio of properties such as Newtown Junction, Mall of Africa and major developments in Waterfall and Waterfall City in Midrand. Attacq’s portfolio also includes various other properties throughout Africa and the rest of the world.

Newtown Junction developer, Atterbury is a leading name in property, investment and development. To date, it has developed more than 1.5 million square metres of commercial, retail and residential properties. This shopping novelty, designed by Adri van Zyl from Atelier Interiors, in collaboration with Julian McGowan from SOURCE is a modern contribution to what once was the Potato Sheds of Newtown.

Work Shop New Town a Brand Hub
Work Shop New Town merchandise. Photograph by Chris Watterson

‘The design of Work Shop New Town, with its combination of enclosed and open-plan stores and a layered design concept, immediately sets it apart from conventional shopping experiences,’ says Van Zyl. ‘At a fundamental level, it’s a lifestyle destination based on Africa’s emerging design culture, curated to the best international standards.’

If shopping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, Work Shop New Town has just recently launched its weekly family event that happens every Saturday, from 11:00 to 16:00 at the green lane outside Work Shop New Town and the Potato Shed restaurant. This family Pic Nic New Town event offers Pic Nic blankets and baskets, delicious food, kids’ activities, live music, cocktails and beer.

This retail and design attraction opened in November 2015. Work Shop New Town is situated on the corner of Miriam Makeba and Gwigwi Mrwebi Streets, Newtown, Johannesburg.

Visit the Work Shop New Town website for more information on brands and activities on offer.

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