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Shaolin at Montecasino

Six years after their acclaimed Wheel of life and Kung Fu Masters tours, Shaolin Monks make their great return to South Africa with their recent extravaganza simply titled SHAOLIN. For a limited 2-week season at the Teatro at Montecasino, in Johannesburg from 28th June – 10th July 2016, SHAOLIN will create a jaw dropping spectacular that one must experienced to believe.

The name Shaolin has become tantamount with an extreme presentation of discipline, strength and courage as well as the increase in the popularity of modern martial arts.        

This physically vigorous production fuses traditional and precise Shaolin Kung Fu choreography, alongside dynamic lighting and sound that contributes to a breathtaking production.

The dream cast made up of 20 magnificent monks, transports the audience to the mystical world of the Shaolin Temple in the foothills of the Song Shang mountain range in China’s Henan province, the origin of this art form as well as its age-old tale. Join them as they merge traditional martial arts, such as the intricate Chi Gong and Tai Chi movements with spectacular weapons and combat demonstrations.

Shaolin at Montecasino
Shaolin. Images courtesy of Media Exposure

These Buddhist soldier monks undergo strenuous martial arts training and Buddhist meditation practices, to showcase a flawless display of agility, strength and skill that will captivate the eye. Following the founding of the Shaolin Temple in 495 AD, the initial soldier monks created a set of eighteen different original Kung Fu fighting actions that activated the entire body. Combined with weapons made from farming tools, this art form originally served as daily exercise and meditation and later became a form of defense.

These invincible performers showcase the unimaginable, they rise aloft on sharpened spears, break marble slabs with their heads, perform handstands on two finger tips, splinter wooden staves with their bodies, break bricks on their heads and fly through the air in a series of incredible back flips.

SHAOLIN will combine the rich vocabulary of the Chinese theatre, the traditional iconography of oriental Buddhism and the technical sophistication of the contemporary music arena. But at its heart are the awe-inspiring skills of the monks themselves.

“The most spectacular piece of theatre on stage” as quoted by The Times, SHAOLIN is not to be missed.

Tickets are available at Computicket and range from R285-R565 depending on peak and off-peak prices.

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