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New Addition to Body Worlds Vital

Exhibition introduces a first for SA and two new plastinates.

The BODY WORLDS Vital exhibition, now on at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in Newtown, Johannesburg until 19 June, is excited to announce the addition of an interactive Anatomical Mirror to South Africa for the first time. The Anatomical Mirror reflects a person’s body movements as he or she stands in front of an on-screen figure; revealing the layers of the underlying anatomy. As with the other 180 or so exhibits at “Vital”, the anatomical model creatively educates visitors about their incredibly sophisticated bodies, and adds a fun dimension.

As soon as the user steps on the marked point, their body movements are transmitted in real-time to a virtual anatomical 3D model. After selecting the male or female model, labels for the different body parts appear on the screen. The reflective model continues to move as a mirror image of the user while the various internal layers are shown.

New Addition to Body Worlds Vital
Body Worlds Vital: Interactive Anatomical Mirror.

In addition, one of most controversial plastinates has joined the collection on display at Sci-Bono. “The Suspended Act” shows two deceased donors, who had given their prior consent, joined together in a sexual act. For Gunther von Hagens, scientist and creator of BODY WORLDS, this plastinate shows ”the most human of all human acts. Both primal and fundamental, and the reason we are all here on this spinning blue globe.“ Owing to the nature of the pose, these plastinates are recommended for adult viewing and are placed in an enclosed area within the exhibition.

Both the Anatomical Mirror and the new plastinates are included in the normal BODY WORLDS Vital ticket price.

Great World Exhibitions Managing Director, Tyrone Thöle says he grabbed the opportunity to bring the Anatomical Mirror and new plastinates to South Africa: “We want visitors to BODY WORLDS Vital to have an enjoyable, educational and engaging experience and we believe these recent extras will add another dimension.”

Proudly presented by Discovery, BODY WORLDS Vital invites visitors to examine some 180 real human specimens revealing the human body’s intelligent design. Since the exhibition opened in March, public response has been exceptional. The theme of this exhibition focuses on health, vitality, the body’s athletic potential, and the effects of certain major chronic diseases.

To enjoy the amazing Anatomical Mirror and a truly unique exhibition experience, visit the exciting BODY WORLDS Vital exhibition any day of the week between 09h00 and 18h00. There’s nothing quite like it. For more information and bookings, visit

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