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Congratulations Athol Fugard & Paula Fourie

Congratulations to Athol Fugard & Paula Fourie on their marriage in New York.

A partnership that began as a collaboration on the play, The Shadow of the Hummingbird, blossomed into a beautiful celebration of their union. Paula Fourie, who wrote the introductory part of the play had been writing since her teenage years, including a number of short stories and poetry. Growing into an academic contributor, Fourie obtained her PhD from Stellenbosch with a biography of South African musician and musical theatre composer Taliep Petersen as her dissertation. Her first venture into the world of playwriting began in 2012 when she worked through over 20 years of Fugard’s unpublished books and notes in order to write a collaborative introduction to the play. She has been working with Furgard ever since.

Fugard is best known for his playwrighting that confronts racial segregation during apartheid and now more insightful plays addressing modern inequality. His plays include Nothing But the Truth, Sizwe Banzi is Dead and Boesman and Lena. His first novel, Tsotsi, was adapted by director Gavin Hood into the 2005 film that won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. As an award winning and world renowned director, actor and writer, Fugard had taken the role of Oupa in The Shadow of the Hummingbird. A role that sought the alchemy of combining both fiction and non-fiction, something Fourie had quite skilfully and gracefully managed with her written introduction of the play. The harmonious nature of this theatre duo is evident in their work, as the play has taken stages both locally and abroad.

Creative Feel extends the best of wishes to the couple on their new, exciting and wonderful adventure.

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