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SA Taxi Foundation Art Award 2016

An upcoming innovative visual art competition fusing fine arts and the South African mini bus

Director of Lizamore and Associates, Teresa Lizamore fashioned the concept of creating an artwork which would be transferred onto the external surface of a taxi. The novelty of such a process is rather intriguing and shows promise for art to come. Not only does the invention surpass the ordinary, it reaches the ordinary man. Although there are little defined rules of what art across all disciplines today entails, we are still moving away from the elitist nature of art in a dawdling pace, which should be questioned.

Art, more so in Africa, has remained a vehicle through which social change and social connections are made. In an era where art of all forms, specifically from young artists, is sprouting up everywhere, the average man or woman is still not gaining access to these powerful and influential works. Young artists deserve a platform and Lizamore and Associates believe that it is important to support the growth of young artists through various empowering exercises. These include gallery space, mentorship programmes where  young artists are paired with established artists, curatorial mentorship programmes and awards such as the SA Taxi Foundation Art Award.


The SA Taxi Foundation has assembled a three tier guide to what the artists may experience. The first tier provides the artist with a sound platform; an exhibition of their work which will boost their careers. The second consists of artists using their submitted work to follow a further brief. This is a crucial lesson as artists in the industry are often commissioned to create different works and follow briefs. The final tier involves our society. The final works will be transferred onto numerous operating taxis, which will not only allow exposure for artists but exposure to the people; the public who may not be exposed to the gallery space on a regular basis. This then becomes a moving public artwork which is able to spark dialogue.

This fascinating initiative is such a positive contribution to the South African arts industry. Last year, the entries were all of an outstanding standard and this is proof that South Africa is not short of talent. It is, however, important that artists are constantly being supported, especially young and upcoming artists. This project does just this and more. Art has always been a space for expression and catharsis and availing this platform to the public can only bring about positive social transformation.

Entries for the SA Taxi Foundation Art Award 2016 are now closed, for more information visit The SA Taxi Foundation Art Award is certainly an event to look forward to and will absolutely produce talent that should be watched closely.

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