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Seeing the Light through Power Struggle

How many people does it take to change an incandescent light bulb? And what people are still buying incandescent light bulbs? And why should you care? Well, maybe you don’t – but we found a few who do! Powering up Nik Rabinowitz’ new comedy show – Power Struggle – is a supporting cast of writers, advisors and sponsors. This is a big production, the size and importance of which is already attracting some serious heat.

SolarWorld Africa, Rand Air, and Tesla’s Powerwall distributors, RepowerSA, are just three who have jumped at the chance to help South Africa’s funny man bring light relief to audiences attending his new show, which opens at the Baxter Theatre on March 29th, 2016.

RepowerSA is extremely excited to partner Nik and Power Struggle in showcasing the history of power through the ages. This world first and brilliantly clever concept of educating the public in a funny yet factual way of the benefits of renewable energy, is exactly what SA needs and the minute we read of the concept, we knew we had to be involved. With the backing of one of the biggest brands in the world, Tesla Energy, RepowerSA and Power Struggle will provide enormous food for thought around our own energy consumption and what we all should be doing to make our country more sustainable.

In addition to being funny, Power Struggle also has a point – making it historically different to Nik’s previous shows. What is that point? We’re not 100% sure yet but it’s got something to do with power and/or energy through the ages. You may even pick up some energy-saving tips e.g. Don’t use a remote control to change channels on TV. Rather do this manually in order to save on batteries and also give you that nostalgic 70s feeling.

Offsetting its carbon footprint, Power Struggle encourages new behaviours. E.g. If you don’t already live there, move – to Noordhoek, then take the pant legs of any pair of corduroy pants you now own and rub them together to create friction, generating sufficient energy to heat your lentils, thus doing your bit towards saving the planet.

Power Struggle will leave behind the functioning solar panel installations used during the Baxter run as a permanent reminder of the importance of thinking differently about how we use our available power sources.

After years spent focusing on political power, I started thinking ‘why put your energy into politics when you can put your energy into energy’?” Rabinowitz when asked why focus his humour on energy.

SolarWorld Africa Managing Director, Gregor Küpper, says, “We are proud to be involved in a unique comedy show like Power Struggle, which will showcase energy development through the past centuries. We look forward to nights of comedy that will demonstrate the importance of focusing on sustainable energy generation.  Our 30 year of presence in Africa and 40 years in the solar manufacturing industry globally proves how solar energy has developed over the years and we look forward to this partnership with Power Struggle in showcasing the first live comedy concept production.”

To find out how the by-product of too much hot air and wind can power appliances and change economies, do your bit for the sustainability movement by being part of history and seeing Power Struggle.

The show premieres at the Baxter Theatre, Cape Town and runs from March 29th to April 16th, 2016. Tickets R135 (previews) to R195, via or 0861 915 8000. Advance booking highly recommended. Age restriction PG14. For more info, and announcement of future national dates visit

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