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Creative Feel once again partners with ACT | UJ Conference 2016

The 4th installment of the ACT | UJ Conference, #creativeintesctions – an interactive experience, will take place on 16 and 17 March 2016. The conference, to be hosted at the UJ Arts Centre in Johannesburg, takes as its starting point the stimulating nature of the creative sector, which naturally pursues alternative ways of thinking and doing things. Although this can appear disorganised and incoherent to outsiders – and therefore difficult to engage with for those who sit on the edges – this focus on unconventional thinking is ultimately what builds the intrinsic value of the creative industries.


An interdisciplinary approach thus lies at the heart of the conference, which aims to stimulate new ways of thinking. The conference will follow an approach, based on studies done on conferences that reveal that people take more away from immersive, experiential experiences than from ‘lecture-type’ programmes.

Conference delegates will be able to engage actively and practically in crossing the boundaries of academic disciplines. These ‘intersections’ will highlight new mediums, theories and connections, with discussions centering on interdisciplinary activities, intercultural dialogue and innovative technologies.

As with previous years, the 2016 ACT | UJ Conference will present an invaluable chance for people working at different levels and in different contexts in the sector to meet and learn from one another, in order to identify and leverage synergies and opportunities that they may not previously have been aware of.

Delegates will be encouraged to engage with networks outside their existing circles and disciplines, giving them exposure to new ideas. These will be facilitated through brainstorming breakaways and a skill swapping networking event.

“The aim of The Conference is to share information, knowledge and research with the view of enabling, advancing and inspiring the creative sector”, says Pieter Jacobs, CEO of the Arts & Culture Trust (ACT).

The programme will consist of;

  • Presentations: Two keynote presentations, two panel discussions and one interview segment.
  • Hatchery Sessions: This will consist of follow-on sessions over the course of the conference. Delegates will be divided into groups to work on creative interdisciplinary ideas or solutions.
  • Pitch Perfect: The Hatchery Sessions conclude with Pitch Perfect, a session during which delegates are able to pitch their idea or solution to a panel of judges to stand a chance to secure a grant for implementation.
  • Maker Workshops: Delegates will choose one workshop from a range of practical and more theoretical engagements to complete over the course of the conference.
  • Networking Skill Swap: The idea behind this networking event is that delegates would be given an opportunity to barter knowledge for knowledge in a skills-sharing exchange – with everything from 3D printing to crochet.
  • Creatives in Conversation: Three free interdisciplinary engagements with leaders in the creative industries will be presented leading up to the conference and two following on it.

Reduced early-bird tickets are available from 03 February. You should enrol for those here. Bearing in mind that the final registration date is the 11th of March. Tickets can still be purchased here. There’s also a special offer to buy 3 tickets and get the 4th on FREE!


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