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2016 UJ Choir Auditions

The 2016 UJ Choir auditions are taking place from the 15th-18th February 2016.

Renowned Choirmaster, Renette Bouwer, will hold auditions between 9:00 & 13:00.

To book a time-slot email or call 0115593705 or alternatively sign up on the schedule outside the choir room, in the UJ Arts Centre building.

Prescribed song:

The Christmas carol Silent Night.

To be prepared for the audition:

Sing the first verse of “Silent Night” as a solo, a cappella (without accompaniment) and in any key that suits your voice (you must sing the tune).
You may sing from the given score.

Your performance will be judged on aspects such as:Audition for UJ's 2016 Choir
• Colour of the voice
• Range
• Intonation
• Breath control
• Phrasing
• Diction etc.
The audition may also include musicality and range tests.

P.S The auditions are for all UJ students ( APK, APB, DFC & SWC)

The choir is a multicultural mix and is representative of all the students of the UJ. The repertoire is sacred, secular and folk music in different styles, mainly a cappella. The aim is to excel in both Western and African music.

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