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Simphiwe Dana Launches Killjoy Campaign

Award-winning songstress Simphiwe Dana has embarked on a ‘campaign of healing’ for herself and her fans to commemorate the release of the third single ‘Killjoy’ off her critically-acclaimed latest album Firebrand.

As preparation for the music video for ‘Killjoy’, Dana saw it fit to include her fans in the creative exercise behind the creation of this music video, and is doing this by calling her fans and followers to share their ultimate #Killjoy experiences, which will result in the most profound stories or funniest anecdotes being selected for inclusion in the music video creative.

‘The song “Killjoy” is about heartbreak; the depression that comes with it and what happens after you have blamed yourself for the inadequacies of your lover. The song is also about the pain that comes with the realisation that it is not your fault and that you now have to walk away,’ explains Dana.

The first phase of the campaign was launched concurrently on Facebook and Twitter, where Dana herself shared her own personal story of having been through what she now terms a ‘relationtrick’.

‘The campaign seeks to create a safe space for those who have dealt with severe heartbreak. It is a campaign to show solidarity and start the process of healing. Oftentimes we feel all alone in our experiences, and we start to see fault in ourselves… that maybe we are not good enough for love, until we realise many others have been where we are and made it out,’ adds Dana.

Through the tone and manner of the discussions, Dana has with the participants of the #Killjoy campaign, a dominant theme that comes across is that of being able to laugh about one’s #Killjoy experiences, and breaking the power-hold that heartbreak often has on those who experience it.

Simphiwe Dana – who is typically media-shy and protective over her private life, also used this exercise to share her own personal story.

‘Sharing my personal story was also very therapeutic, it was like I had put a painful episode in my life inside a bubble and blew it away!’

In addition to the #Killjoy campaign, Dana is also in the process of planning a tour around South Africa, as well as putting the final touches to an upcoming celebration of her ten years in the music industry, details of which will be announced in due course.

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