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NOT x Chris Saunders

NOT x Chris Saunders is a 2014 cross-cultural collaborative project between New York-based fashion designer Jenny Lai, Johannesburg-based photographer Chris Saunders, and five local creatives from Cape Town, Johannesburg, and their neighbouring townships. NOT x Chris Saunders seeks to explore, expand, and celebrate the burgeoning South African fashion scene through moving images, photography, and a series of collaborative garment creations.The project consists of four separate collaborations:

Jenny Lai worked with accessories designer Dennis Chuene, vintage clothier Dr. Pachanga, menswear designer Floyd Avenue, and costumer/puppetmaker Macdonald Mfolo. After Jenny researched, interviewed, and otherwise immersed herself completely in the working style and process of each collaborator, each pair reinterpreted an existing design from Lai’s brand using a uniquely South African process and material. The final works were brought to life by performing artist Manthe Ribane under the direction and lens of Chris Saunders.#notxcs


Artists: Jenny Lai & Chris Saunders
Participating artists: Dennis Chuene, Floyd Avenue, Dr Pachanga, Macdonald Mfolo,Manthe Ribane
Producer: Christina Fleuron
Exhibition Designer: Camila A. Morales
Graphic Designer New York: Christina Hogan
Graphic Design Johannesburg: Wunderbrand (Pty) Ltd
Social Media Manager: Amelia Maffin
Video Editor: Ross Maxwell


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